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My name is Brandon Keller and I am a political commentator from Dallas, TX who enjoys discussing politics from a Faith Based, Constitutional Conservative point of view. My goal each and every week will be to choose stories to discuss that I believe illustrate how the Main Stream Media and The Complex of the Left try to silence a conservative point of view who value Judeo-Christian Values. I will strive to select stories that I can break down and show exactly where the Leftist tactics are, how they are implementing them, why they work, how we as conservatives can identify them and ultimately counter them in a way which gets our voice and message heard just as loudly as theirs. Politics matter. The truth matters. Outside of the obvious reasons, I pray I am able to help further educate listeners as to why both are of the utmost importance not only in your daily life but in holding those in public office accountable regardless of political affiliation.

EPISODE 7: Andrew Breitbart & Main Stream Media War, COVID-19 Daily Briefings & more | LIVE Simulcast

April 5, 2020

***NOTE: This version of the LIVE broadcast includes the missing audio from the video playback that was not broadcast via PodBean.  I apologize to the listeners who were unable to hear the audio live.

This Week in Episode 7:

  • Andrew Breitbart & The Main Stream Media: Then & Now
  • Coronavirus Daily Briefings & The Trump Administrations handling of the pandemic so far
  • Attacking Your Constitutional Rights: Seattle, WA Chief of Police calls for enforcing compelled speech

Tonight I will be discussing Andrew Breitbart's book "Righteous Indignation" that was published shortly before his unexpected death in 2012. I will be discussing his view on the Main Stream Media and if it has changed over the past eight years. I will also be discussing the recent "blackout" of President Trumps Coronavirus daily briefings by the Main Stream Media and how the Trump Administration is handling the Coronavirus Pandemic. Lastly, I will spotlight the most recent attack on our Constitutional Rights by Seattle, WA Chief of Police Carmen Best who took to Twitter this week encouraging people to call 9-1-1 to report hate speech.

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